candy corn. beats all of the pumpkin spice nonsense out there. 

- linda 10-18-2015 10:21 pm

- steve 10-18-2015 10:25 pm [add a comment]

that is, besides actual pumpkin pie. Not that it's my favorite but I'll take it over candy corn.
- steve 10-18-2015 10:26 pm [add a comment]

natural flavorings....
- dave 10-18-2015 11:25 pm [add a comment]

Mmm ... candy corn
- anonymous (guest) 10-19-2015 3:18 am [add a comment]

Mmm ... candy corn.
- mark 10-19-2015 3:19 am [add a comment]

- alex 10-19-2015 7:38 am [add a comment]

and they pair nicely with champagne and chardonnay
- linda 10-22-2015 7:54 pm [add a comment]

- dave 10-22-2015 8:00 pm [add a comment]

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