The must beautiful schroom I have ever cooked....

- Skinny 12-13-2015 12:39 pm

I wish I could post the scent as it cooked.....
"Matsutake literally means "pine mushroom." Revered throughout Asia, this traditional delicacy is a favorite of Japanese chefs, whose preparations are well-suited to its strong, spicy-clean fragrance and taste. The unique flavor of fresh matsutake mushrooms, (Tricholoma magnivelare),  is owed to the rare conditions under which it grows - under the base of pine trees between 20 to 60 years old. Their magnificently spicy aroma, reminiscent of pine and cinnamon, enhances wild mushroom dishes and makes great stuffed mushrooms. They are high in protein, low in fat and rich in vitamins B1, B2, and D, and are believed to have many healthful properties."

- Skinny 12-13-2015 12:50 pm [add a comment]

thanks Erin for teaching me the raw potato pan fry....

- Skinny 12-13-2015 12:52 pm [add a comment]

Closing in at a 1/2 pound it made a rare treat breakfast...
$18 + $3.5 eggs + $2 misc = $23.50 served 3 so $7.50per.....
Try to get that deal in Japan:>)

- Skinny 12-13-2015 1:53 pm [add a comment]

"the raw potato pan fry...."

- jim 12-13-2015 8:07 pm [add a comment]

oil, butter, salt, and shaved potato (shaver you use for cheese for nacho's), hot, stir often, than flatten, and flip a couple times......lets make one this weekend together
- Skinny 12-13-2015 9:33 pm [add a comment]

Jim we making this in the morning:-)
- Skinny 12-18-2015 1:29 pm [add a comment]

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