rip, third rice ball. i thought youd make it til morning.

- dave 10-06-2016 9:23 pm

still suffering ptsd after returning to dipalos today in search of more rice balls. they were not in the offing but i stayed to get some meatballs, breaded chicken cutlets, and prosciutto. i knew id have to wait a little while when i walked in but despite being seven numbers away based on my ticket number i waited 45 minutes to be served. at least five regulars came in and brazenly cut the line and while they are exceptionally slow to begin with one customer monopolized one of the  four or five servers the entire 45 minutes. i wanted to complain particularly about the line cutters and the lack of organization (for the love of god have one person on the register!) but i knew it was fruitless. i finally understand why the idea of mussolini getting the trains to run on time was perceived as such a tremendous achievement for the italian people even if it was apocryphal.

as for the rice balls i was told by the kindly (they are very nice) older woman who served me that whoever cooks in the kitchen is very fickle and makes what they want beyond the basics and not necessarily what is asked of them. later she informed me that thursdays and saturdays are the days most likely to satisfy my yearning. my half-joking suggestion that they post the specials on twitter was met with a laugh.

- dave 10-11-2016 10:47 pm [add a comment]

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