anyone have a coleslaw recipe they like?  this is what ive found so far. from bobby flay and looks pretty run of the mill.

- bill 10-30-2016 2:32 pm

My friend's mother is Dutch and she makes a great one using pumpkin seed oil, vinegar and garlic, and caraway seeds, no mayonnaise. She says the secret is pumpkin seed oil.

- steve 10-30-2016 2:56 pm [add a comment]

I don't have a great one, but I like this asian slaw from Alton Brown more than most. I add edamame as well.
- jim 10-30-2016 5:54 pm [add a comment]

both of these look great! it's cabbage season. got a purple one today. thanks



- bill 10-31-2016 1:03 am [add a comment]

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