- Skinny 12-25-2016 12:23 pm

Good lord. What's going on here? Yum. 

- jim 12-25-2016 1:21 pm [add a comment]

Left over heavy truffled grand cru egg yoke pasta from last night, add sauteed chanterelle, lightly omeletted
- anonymous (guest) 12-25-2016 8:08 pm [add a comment]

you put a little hot pepper vinegar on that? Love my eggs with that or hot ketchup.
- bill 12-26-2016 10:13 am [add a comment]

Hot kills truffle, but I do like my hot+eggs
- anonymous (guest) 12-26-2016 12:31 pm [add a comment]

- bill 12-27-2016 5:05 pm [add a comment]

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