Chez P. last many tasty things, my main below

- Skinny 8-27-2018 11:43 pm

So jealous. You should tell B when you go and she'll have AW come out and talk with you (or maybe you get that anyway?) Looks delicious.

- jim 8-28-2018 12:02 pm [add a comment]

I believe AW is not there at lunch in The Cafe.....

We never eat in The Restaurant 

i am buds with the wine chief

- Skinny 8-28-2018 3:40 pm [add a comment]

It's possible you will run across C there -- or Z, depending on the night.

- tom moody 8-28-2018 7:29 pm [add a comment]

It's all very hush hush in any case.

- jim 8-28-2018 8:06 pm [add a comment]

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