First Dim Sum. Not a raging success
- jim 9-14-2019 2:01 pm

Those steamed spareribs look good.

- steve 9-14-2019 2:16 pm [add a comment]

Good eye. Those were the winner. Was thinking about you Steve. I think you might have shown me that place.
- jim 9-14-2019 2:27 pm [add a comment]

Makes me remember how pissed Joe Dressner was at me that I picked DimSum (best in NY) for a Louis-Dressner post tasting dinner...

- Skinny 9-14-2019 3:30 pm [add a comment]

first time i went to chinese food i would only eat white bread. not sure why they had bread.
- dave 9-14-2019 8:38 pm [add a comment]

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