We were planning to look into more German wines next year. Putting together a short list any suggestions appreciated. 

- bill 12-01-2019 6:15 pm

What does this mean Bill?:>)

If you want some great wines to drink or cellar......

1) Falkenstein.....best values of the 4, Chambers St Wines has the 18's in stock, IMHO the greatest value in the game 

2) Stein.......harder to find, super great, allocated

3) Lauer.....more available but not cheap $35+

4) Clemens Busch.......basic troken s/b $24

Better to play for the goods and buy less wine aka 1-$25-30-40 bottle vs 2-$12.50-15-20 exp if cellaring, great Riesling comes from old vines low yields so $$

Here is your everyday drinker $17 a LITER https://www.chambersstwines.com/Products/76135/2018-brand-pfalz-riesling-feinherb-1l


- Skinny 12-01-2019 11:15 pm [add a comment]

This is great info Skin, R has mail ordered from chambers st in the past with much satisfaction. Iíll run this past her and advise. Thanks again!
- bill 12-02-2019 10:54 am [add a comment]

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