I think I must have caught the March Madness from Dave. 64 pastas; 1 champion. Voting takes place on instagram.

- jim 3-22-2021 8:37 pm

- dave 3-22-2021 10:32 pm [add a comment]

  • down to bolognese vs. carbonara for the championship!!!

    can you feel the excitement, or have you passed out from carbo loading?

    - dave 4-02-2021 4:47 pm [add a comment]

  • Anyone watching StanleyTucci eating his way through Italy? CNN
    - bill 4-02-2021 6:41 pm [add a comment]

    • no but i read he is now a sex symbol. ill believe it when People tells me its true!

      - dave 4-02-2021 7:56 pm [add a comment]

    • Each show they specialize on a particular region. He make for an endearing host.
      - bill 4-02-2021 8:32 pm [add a comment]

    • Sicily.........we rep Arianna Occhipinti, and we got sales from it......Tucci Effect it's now called

      - Skinny 4-02-2021 10:17 pm [add a comment]

      • Tucci'ed by an Angel was right there.

        - dave 4-02-2021 11:40 pm [add a comment]

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