- dave 11-22-2021 1:08 pm

6-1 and 190, I was 6-1 and 231 at the peak, lowered to 199, now 211.........clake you are the man!

- Skinny 11-23-2021 12:45 am [add a comment]

well maybe not.....

On November 5, 1960 Gable had a heart attack while changing a tire on his jeep. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a close friend and heart attack survivor, sent him a get-well message. A few years before, Gable had suffered two “seizures” that were really heart attacks. In one of them, he was driving along a freeway and had chest pains so severe that he had to pull off the road and lie down on the ground until he felt well enough to resume driving. On November 16, 1960, while sitting in his hospital bed, he suffered a fourth and final heart attack. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Gable was a walking time bomb who spent his life accumulating heart attack risk factors:

• He smoked at least three packs of cigarettes and/or two pipes of tobacco a day. His lungs were so damaged by his smoking that he rattled when he talked.

• He drank way too much. Binge drinking, in particular, damages the heart muscle and arteries to markedly increase heart attack risk.

• He was often overweight and would go on crash diets for movie roles. For his last picture, The Misfits, he went from more than 235 pounds to 190 lbs. Every time he lost weight, he lost fat and muscle, including heart muscle. Every time he regained weight, he gained only fat, so at the same weight, he would be much fatter and have a weaker heart than he had before the diet. Fat in the liver and muscles blocks insulin receptors to increase risk for diabetes and heart attacks.

• He exercised too little. It is incredible that a film star whose fame was based on his masculinity had such small muscles and did not exercise.

• His typical meat-heavy diet would block insulin receptors to increase risk for diabetes and heart attacks. In 1933, he had his gall bladder removed, the result of a fatty liver and weight gain.

• He had many sexual partners, which may have exposed him to infections that cause inflammation that increases risk for heart attacks. Inflammation causes small holes to form in the inner lining of arteries because a person’s immunity, which is supposed to attack germs, instead attacks one’s own body, including the inner lining of arteries. Then the raw areas bleed and clot and a plaque starts to form. This can be the first step in the progression toward a heart attack. Then his overactive immunity probably caused plaques to break off from his heart arteries to cause his several heart attacks.

- Skinny 11-23-2021 12:52 am [add a comment]

  • nothing more mid century masculine than dying from a heart attack. by all means have a second serving of dove this thanksgiving morn.

    - dave 11-23-2021 9:49 am [add a comment]

And he had this in common with the Buttholes: Boiled Dove

- alex 11-23-2021 4:56 am [add a comment]

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