have to admit i never ate at b&h. looking at the prices now it must have been so cheap 25 years ago when i lived on 10th st and b.

- dave 8-25-2020 8:51 pm

b&h the electronic place?

- Skinny 8-25-2020 10:22 pm [add a comment]

B&H Dairy kosher diner, 2nd ave between 7th and St Marks.

- steve 8-25-2020 10:23 pm [add a comment]

Is that the place with the spleen sandwich?
- jim 8-25-2020 10:29 pm [add a comment]

  • The Sicilian-style restaurant Focacciaria on 1st ave between St Marks and 9th, made the vistedda - beef spleen - sandwiches.  Hard ricotta cheese and beef spleen fried in lard served with shredded parmigiano reggiano on a roll.

    - steve 8-25-2020 10:50 pm [add a comment]

    • They also served pasta con sarde - sardine, fennel and currents.

      - steve 8-25-2020 10:54 pm [add a comment]

  • never ate the spleen, had the same with chickpea fritter

    the one in brooklyn is even older I believe


    - Skinny 8-26-2020 9:16 am [add a comment]

  • yeah, considering the idea of the dairy was that it was meatless, though fish seems to be acceptable, spleen was unlikely.
    - dave 8-26-2020 10:47 am [add a comment]

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