I'm afraid I wasn't able to get my American Express out fast enough so I can't speak to the worth but the room is comfortable and the company was exceptional. And you gotta love that sommelier. I think we had the polenta, the shaved fennel, and the scallops followed by the lamb, the duck, and the beet risotto. All good, if not mind blowing. And the six sorbet sampler (buttermilk the best) and four of the desserts. If anything rocked my world I guess it would be the whiskey-vanilla milkshake. It came in a cordial shot glass and was paired with a couple of other things which I could have lived without. Yes, I would go back just for the milkshake, or three. And there is a cocktail with good tequila, great whisky and absinthe that I would like to try sometime. The place was comfortably crowded at 730 and packed at 1030 when we left, on a Monday.
- jimlouis 2-11-2009 8:46 pm

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