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Toasted sprouted bread w/ Tuscan olive oil nouvo (spicy) and Sicilian sea salt, w/ spread mix of peanut butter/honey/banana

YUM!! salty, spicy, sweet, and crunchy
- Skinny 2-20-2009 2:34 pm [link] [add a comment]

Down and Dirty last nite at Dirt Candy with b./jim/linda

Delish overall and very healthy, some dish's better than others, we ate everything on menu (and 1/2 of the desserts), rich food (butter), lovely space, great $28 wine to gulp.....

While I rarely go back to any restaurant in a year I think I will be here in the summer for peak veggie season...

I wish her well and voted for her on TONY (and voted for you Linda)

- Skinny 2-19-2009 2:04 pm [link] [add a comment]