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trip to flushing??

- Skinny 5-22-2009 5:31 pm [link] [2 comments]

I went and it was super dupper.
It made me think, you know money would not be bad to have lots of cause I would eat here whenever I wanted and take my friends, its not that it was more money than any top spot nor was it not worth every penny, its just that at $200 PP with nice wine it add's up quick if I went once a month, exp since I have lots of friends:>)

$21 mixed crudo, some oysters $12, grand cru pasta's inc a first for me tuna belly ravioli (in a tomate caper etc sauce) $20+ and for me one pasta aint enough so figure $80 for food

I saw a $36 wine I could guzzle, had a Spanish rose w/ oysters that was a brilliant match, and there are plenty of $40-60 wines worthy of creating happyness. So add $70 wine at 1.25 bottles PP + $80 = $150 = $200PP

Great great great meal, hope to afford to go back soon, but most of all I am happy I have lots of friends first and that they like Grand Sichuan BYOB too.....

- Skinny 5-22-2009 5:23 pm [link] [add a comment]