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Insane $25 Lunch @ Tommaso's In Bath Beach
1) $5 giant stuffed (3 meats, peas, shrooms, etc) rice ball, fab!!
2) 1/2 of a Focaccia Pizza, cabbage pancetta and taleggio cheese ($5)
3) but the star was a $15 plate of Nantucket Bay Scallops cooked whole in shell, this is a first for me and they are up for best scallops EVER, simple garlic/wine/herbs/salt/pepper/oil/butter sauce that was gulpable.
I would like to just go and do 3 of those for $45 and a nice white wine and a loaf of bread....GRAND CRU!!
Chef Tom is cooking better than ever....
- Skinny 5-08-2009 7:39 am [link] [add a comment]

Lucky to have scored another birthday dinner last night (really milking it,) this time at Corton. Once again blew my mind. I haven't been going out much to super high end places, so I can't really say with any authority, but I'd be surprised if there was any place better. I always hold 11 Madison as my dream meal (you know, just in case anyone is offering,) but although Corton has a slightly more relaxed vibe, I think it easily competes on the food.

I had the “Vol-au-Vent” - Crayfish, Morels, Anise Hyssop followed by the Pheasant with Cassoulet of Coco Beans, Red Cabbage Geleé, Albufera Sauce followed by waves of cheese and dessert. Drank the Trousseau Blend - Puffeney Arbois Rouge ‘Vieilles Vignes,’ Jura 2004 on Skinny's recommendation and of course was not disappointed.

Super recommended, and in the whole scheme of things really not that outrageously expensive ($79 for three courses.) And double points for the amazing website.
- jim 5-07-2009 3:16 pm [link] [1 comment]