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archive of posts for the year 2001


December27th133232001 Wrap-up
21st13206Nina Katchadourian
9th12860My Art Archive Updated
12859Electronic Dance Music; Carl Ostendarp
November28th12358Doris Piserchia Cover Gallery
20th12081Thomas Wrede
14th11801Walter Redinger, Rita McBride
13th11760Michael Jackson and Me
2nd11495Chansky, Corey, Cottrell, Blake
October30th11372Claire Jervert
26th11230Thanks, Saudi Arabia
18th11035Fantasy Skylines
12th10771Rodney Graham's Phonokinetoscope
3rd10377Dr. Bloodmoney Illustration
September22nd10053Executive De-Incentive Plan
18th9836Premonitions and Catharsis
16th9799Pruitt-Igoe Redux
14th9739War Madness
12th9697World Trade Center Witness
3rd9458Jason Little's Bee
2nd9457Chansky, Corey, Cottrell
9452Ryan McGinness
August22nd9250New Additions to Slide Show
July28th8463Electronic Plastic
25th8352Scott Speh's Hot Commodities
12th7886Summer 2001 Shows
7th7763Compound JA, 2001
3rd7689Paris Days 6-7
June30th7602Paris Days 4-5
28th7516Paris Days 2-3
26th7469Munich Days 3 - 6
20th7402Munich Day Two
6th6885The Iron Baby Angel
1st6811Rave Video Stills
May28th6641A Short History of Mel Ramos
24th6499Compression exhibit review
23rd6427Updates to Doris Piserchia Site
18th63222 Plays by Nora Breen
17th6265Missing Chuck Close Discovered
16th6206Tim Gardner politics
13th6090Hilton Kramer Jr on BitStreams
11th6003Whitney Sound Art Panel Starring DJ Spooky
2nd4278Maciej Wisniewski's netomat (TM)
April28th4277Philip K. Dick FBI Letters
24th4276Mitsuki Ishinokami
22nd4275Sean Landers, Steve di Benedetto, Rita McBride
8th4272Kara Hammond
7th4271William Gibson on otaku-hood
6th4270John Pomara at Inman Gallery, Houston
March28th4269Michael Rodriguez
25th4266Kodwo Eshun--excerpt from More Brilliant...
23rd4265Pollock--my second post on Slate
4264Recent Fiction by Mark Mellon
22nd4261Aggregating at Momenta Art
15th4260Art Criticism on my Website Expanded
13th4243Win McCormack
10th4242Tom Moody Website Launch
February21st4241Pollock--my post on Slate
4238Intro to Doris Piserchia Website