Back in October I posted the names of the Senators and Congresspeople who gullibly (or cynically) approved Bush's war plans: if you want to take another look they're here. It was completely foreseeable at that time that Junior would immediately start moving troops to the Gulf, thus making the invasion a fait accompli (note French phrase), just as his father did in the last Gulf War. But here was Sen. Hillary Clinton's morally convoluted rationale for her vote, stated to the NY Times: "She concluded that bipartisan support would make the president's success at the United Nations 'more likely and, therefore, war less likely.''" From the news today it looks like Bush just gave the finger to the UN, so instead of making war less likely, she made it inevitable. Thanks a lot.

- tom moody 3-17-2003 8:23 pm

Di Fi deserves similar thanks. Somehow in February of 03, she had insight into the first half of 02 that she lacked in October of 02. Suddenly she realized, hey, this guy has well-documented policies that some may interpret as arrogant, unilateral, and dangerous.

You know, in Texas, we got's a saying about barn doors being closed after the cows have showed their cards.

- mark 3-17-2003 10:38 pm

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