Chrome Spheres

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- tom moody 12-17-2005 1:51 am

How on earth did you get that? A student made that image for me while I was teaching art in a digital media program at a small university in Florida. I used the example of the chrome sphere over the checkerboard as an example of the kind of art people made with Photoshop that I never wanted to see...I teach at another art school now, and it's still hanging in my office!
- Sam (guest) 12-17-2005 5:34 pm

Little did you know that your office has swollen to global proportions. Who knows how many times the drawing got passed around before the two sites I linked to found it? I *was* wondering about the original context. I bet 90% of your students hate you for not letting them do the cool stuff. Anyway, great poster, hopefully this means I have your permission to put it up? Let me know if you want credit beyond your guest name here.
- tom moody 12-17-2005 8:56 pm

Why no chrome spheres on checkerboards?? I think this is a totally important motive. It should go to art history classes at least! Check this out: and also try clicking some of the pictures. Some links are already dead, but with some URL chopping you will find other great things ... (also among working links btw)
- drx (guest) 12-18-2005 10:19 pm

More spheres and checks than you can shake a stick (figure) at: Is Juggling a Sport? (mpeg movie).

More (curated) raytracing in a post I did a while back.
- tom moody 12-19-2005 1:11 am

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