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Animations from the Internet Raytracing Competition are below (each .mpg is around 5MB). How POV Raytracing differs from the stuff Pixar does, or things made with 3D rendering software like Poser or Bryce, I'm not entirely sure. The main feature seems to be how light rays reflect and refract off/through various materials and surfaces, and the folks who make these things are as nerdy as car body fetishists about their various glints and sheens. As for subject matter, the Whitney curators' "quest for the adolescent" could have started and ended here. ("Uh, we meant, a different kind of adolescent...") To cull the rather minimalistic samples below required wading through dozens of one-act plays about muscly aliens and "trips through the wormhole" populated by characters that look like Woody and Buzz. But these are good. The fact that they were done by individuals as opposed to corporate teams weighs heavily in favor of them as a nascent, internet-spawned art form.

Digital Mousetrap Game (the only one with [so-so] sound; the rest are silent)

Two DNA Samples Got Mixed Up

Robot Factory

Mars Conquest


The End of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Mouse after a Crash

- tom moody 4-24-2004 6:12 pm [link] [3 comments]