A few posts back I said the Oskar Fischinger estate wasn't smart to ban the artist's work from YouTube. I said it in a snotty way because it bugs me that finally we have a tool to disseminate "moving thumbnails" of lesser known artists' work, but people won't use it. I can only think it's because they mistake the thumbnails for content and think they're entitled to profit from every sliver of anything connected to an artist's work, to the detriment of "getting the word out." I woke up today and found this comment:
what an incredibly demeaning and rude post. i used to think your blog was cool, but you're getting nasty and rude. i don't think you are very smart anymore
The commenter doesn't respond to the argument on the table but that's partly my fault. By giving in to the need to vent I handed anyone who might disagree an "out"--they could attack my tone and not the argument. Offered as a cautionary to other bloggers: we are human, we have emotions, but not everything needs to be expressed.

- tom moody 9-20-2006 6:31 pm

"i don't think you are very smart anymore" because... there is no such thing as an rude intelligent person? That politeness and intelligence is a tautology? How Victorian.
- OtherMichael 9-20-2006 7:37 pm

like, omg, like i totally thought you were, like, smart and stuff, and then you , like totally go, like all nasty and stuff on those, like, cartoon people, and now i'm like, omg, tom moody is, like, so not cool!
- anonymous (guest) 9-20-2006 9:09 pm

waaaah waaaah waaaaaah people are looking at low-quality internet versions of my artwork!!!
- Thor Johnson (guest) 9-20-2006 9:35 pm

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