Anxiety of Influence

Kristin Lucas, mousepad drawings.
Lucas inked a mouseball and let it make gestural drawings while she played games, answered email, etc.

Eyebeam Open Lab - mousepad paintings
Similar gesture paintings made with a USB "double mouse"

(hat tip to jim bassett--demoted from "attack of the clones" to "anxiety of influence" since the Lucas was part meat-space, part virtual and the double mouse is all virtual. it is basically the same idea, though)

Update: another mouse doing "automatic writing," by Joseph DeLappe, from '99 (thx to ed halter)

Update 2: Some critical musings on all this are here.

- tom moody 11-28-2006 11:20 pm

my ex girlfriend also did this exact project a couple years ago for a class (no link, but looks the same as these)

im fascinated by how often i see similar/same/clone projects (my own included), i think ill start a list somewhere
- guthrie (guest) 11-28-2006 11:47 pm

There's also Claude Closky's Mouse Works:
- anonymous (guest) 11-30-2006 1:06 am