Addendum to an earlier post: In addition to VVork Annotated, we also need the Anti-VVork. The latter consisting of art projects with no explanation, purpose, socially conscious rationale, tag line, or associated sound bite. It would be art not reducible to or reproducible as photography. It would be private jokes, arcane abstractions, and/or noise with no discernible or announced organizing system. It would be bad art, failed art, non-art (i.e. found things with no original purpose as art), and "embarrassing" art (i.e., too personal, too self-revelatory, too unhip or "square"). It would be expressionistic as opposed to ironic, not the faux expressionism of the current New York painting world but some kind of atavistic, unassimilable emotion. Just trying to think of everything VVork is not. More items will possibly be added.

- tom moody 3-05-2007 1:03 am

The anti-VVORK would also have to be curated by non-artists who don't care about Art. Which means that every 'photos of random shit' blog out there is already the anti-VVORK. or it would be
- fitnr (guest) 3-05-2007 1:27 am

I wouldn't go that far ("curated by non-artists who don't care about Art"), but whoever does the anti-VVork blog would certainly want to be surfing as many "photos of random shit" blogs as possible for material (or even better, non-photos of random shit).
- tom moody 3-05-2007 1:39 am

Show us your gnomes!!
- drx (guest) 3-05-2007 2:25 am

this anti-vvork you've described sounds neat.

but i dont know that it would necessarily have to be made of "bad art" to be anti-vvork. vvork is made mostly of works that have been turned into catchy/jokey/empty 'one liners' by the blog format... there must be some way to avoid this??
- guthrie (guest) 3-05-2007 3:32 am

I think *some* bad art is a needed component to an anti-VVork, since everyone agrees the art on VVork is mostly good. Just to keep the reader/viewer off guard and critical faculties sharp.

The way to avoid the one-liner effect is VVork Annotated (that I also proposed), which could get you past the "cool photo of the day" premise and into some actual discussion.

But somebody's got to write those entries, and that's work, or v-vork.
- tom moody 3-05-2007 6:11 am

And indeed, it's about showing us your gnomes.
- tom moody 3-05-2007 7:58 am

I myself am a fan of
- mcMüller (guest) 3-06-2007 7:05 pm

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