On the National Symphony's program of videogame music* at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, here are the

Los Angeles Times: "A GROUNDBREAKING SHOW! Video game music has come a long way from monotone bleeps to full-blown orchestral, choral, and opera arrangements. This fully choreographed tribute highlights the best games and their best features, whether it's the full choir accompanying Halo or the light show complementing Tron."

USA Today: "This spectacle is just the latest sign that songs written for the interactive gaming world are blasting out of consoles and into the mainstream!"

The Washington Times: "Video games are attracting serious composing talent!"

MTV.com: "If your idea of a hot Saturday night is a few hours of Xbox and a trip to the local Pink Floyd laser-light show, then Video Games Live is your dream date!"
* "Live orchestral music with cutting-edge video screen visuals from Halo, Mario, Zelda, Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, Everquest II, God of War, Medal of Honor, Myst, Tron, and a classic arcade medley from Pong to Donkey Kong" [hat tip shm]

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- tom moody 6-29-2007 5:42 pm

Chris de Burgh, Metallica, Deep Purple, Meat Loaf ... once this orchestra thing happens to everybody.
- drx (guest) 6-29-2007 6:58 pm