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2018September26th67438Dragon, Arm, Badgoogleart
June20th67287Robot Hand
2014September23rd62361Surge Molecule 3 (Animated)
June17th61856Neibergall Can Toss
61854Mirrrroring Storecam
May14th61618Error Strata (GIF) 800 x 798
March24th61354Scary Attack GIF Rescue
1st61217Heavy Ornament (out-take)
January11th60948Cathedral (Monet) and GIF (Stage)
2013November14th60525"Winged Man" (Video)
3rd60437Crystal Flask Remixes (Kaleidoscope)
September30th60240Para-Painting, 2008
18th60178Mutator uLFO 036
August28th60046LED GIF Grid CRT Installation, GIF (crop 1276 x 718)
60045LED GIF Grid CRT Installation, GIF (800 x 800)
3rd59884Centrifuge Resizing Experiments
July30th59859Oswald Rising
59858Idyllic Bike Ride
17th59783Knife Missile's Return (Music Video)
5th59716Thx for the Add (Subtraction Mix) (Music Video)
June29th59687"Limelite Tab One Remix" (Music Video)
24th59648"Limelite Coin Op Remix" (Music Video)
22nd59635Nine Inch Bells (Hardware Mix) (Music Video)
20th59625Modular Conveniences (Music Video)
16th59602Kick Effects (Music Video)
12th59569Eat Your Greens (Music Video)
10th59550Cryptkicker (2013 Mix) - Vimeo
May19th59419AI Protoype
13th59017Jaw and Escalator
February18th58830Doritowitch blacklight over shiered TM atom
2012October11th57921Drawing in Chris Shier's 05
August30th57665Diptych, 1999 (Large View)
10th57516modular synth 2012
April15th56682seamonkey spiral staircase rmx
January5th5601010,000 pixels (original GIFs)
2011November29th55777Concrete Poetry vs Doing Internet
October21st55558crash chair flip
February22nd53682HyperMolecular Symmetry 2 (Rotor 34)
2010August29th52217Truck, Train
8th51440Digital Pogs, Most from May-July 2010
1st51382sketch_c7 moving
2009July48999Collage 2008-9 Frames 1-5
48998Collage 2008-9 Frames 1-3
May16th48502Photos of My Studio by Aron Namenwirth
48501My Work at And/Or Gallery (w/ Saskia Jorda)
April27th48341twister multiple
48340bathtub stickers - all fast
48339bathtub stickers large
2008August20th45586Floor Model
45468Travis Hallenbeck Photo of My Painting
June1st44669Draft Net Aesthetics 2.0 Panel Notes
2007October28th42681BITMAP - Unused Promo Shot
April14th40262Oliver Laric Remix
March5th39633John Parker GIF
1st39591Extensible Cluster - Faster
39590Extensible Cluster - Large
February17th39435Scratch Ambulance CD Cover Draft
2nd39246Sparkling Columns - Large
2006November27th38511Draft Submission - Year in the Internet 2006
26th38497Drafts of Scratch Ambulance CD Cover
38496Draft Scratch Ambulance CD Cover
12th38359Digital Pogs
38358Digital Pogs
11th38347Paul B. Davis Interview, Part One
9th38330Draft Scratch Ambulance CD Cover
September6th37658Nasty Nets Page Design Suggestions