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Web-only EP!

I made the tracks below using, let's just say, a very old computer (and also a turntable, but only on the second track). The first two, "Scratch Ambulance" and "Phil's Revenge," have funkoid beats, while "Monster Scales" is more of an electronic sound piece. More than this I don't want to say. This is kind of a trial run, so any comments on .mp3 quality, downloadibility, etc. are welcome. As for the content, try not to hurt my feelings too much. The LP on the turntable was for photo purposes only and not used in any of these compositions. Thanks to Mark Dagley for ripping the MP3s from a cassette.

Scratch Ambulance. .mp3 format, about 3.75 MB.

Phil's Revenge (TM vs Ectomorph). .mp3 format, about 2.5 MB. Fades up.

Monster Scales. .mp3, about 1.3 MB.

- tom moody 1-25-2004 6:47 am [link] [add a comment]