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hope everybody had a grand day yesterday, light on the posting and heavy on the getting outside, linda and i did

we walked all over red hook, all along the waterside and some of the side streets near the water, i fell in love, for so long i thought i wanted to live on sugar mountain but now its 173 beard st red hook brooklyn, whomever owns this home is extreemly lucky, hard to get arround yes but, thier backyard must smell of salt air all the time, on thier roof looking out at the water cant be a bummer either!!, couple other nice spots on beard and van brunt!!

Greg O'Connell from what i hear bought the whole waterfront inc lots of cival war era buildings buildings in the 70's for 500K, a friend rents a building from him and we saw some other renovated spaces AWESOME!!! he donated some of the space too including this and he has plans for a trolley museum, a fishing pier, etc....

he owns a lot of red hook and cobble hill near the water, he built for the same friend a restaurant/bar that will open soon.
first floor bar, 2nd floor restaurant (one of the partners cames from march restaurant), 3rd floor is the roof with more table, all 3 floors look out at unloading container ships and lower manhattan--NICE

i love brooklyn and wish i could buy in red hook today (or ever)
i had better get to work!!!
- Skinny 1-28-2002 1:56 pm [
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