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the follow book will become part of the LB (Lovevibe-Brown) Library some time next month....i have been searching for years for an old alchemy print w/o any luck, Linda bought Alex this great book a couple weeks ago (sorry good Doctor) and I have engrossed in it, it seems to get the prints you gotta get the you can imagine its rare, the 3rd book to change hands in the last 25 years....

ABRAHAM ELEAZAR. URALTES CHYMISCHES WERCK, Welches Ehedessen von dem Autore Theils in Lateinischer und Arabischer, theils auch in Chalaeischer und Syrischer Sprache Geschrieben...
Erfurt: Augustinus Crusius, 1735. 2 parts in one vol, 8vo, frontis. &
15 full-page engravings by J.E. Boeck, full-page woodcut, and woodcut diagrams throughout. [Bound with:] Zoraster. Clavis Artis des Beruehmten Juden und Rabbi Zoroasters. Jen: Joh. Gebast. Rudolph, 1738. Full vellum, lightly rubbed. A fine copy.
¶ First Edition of one of the major 18th century works on alchemy, by an author who wrote under the name of Abraham Eleaszar, the supposed author of the ancient alchemical ms found by the famous 13th century alchemist Nicolas Flamel. The engravings are said to be after illustrations in the manuscript found by Flamel. Ferguson devotes much space in trying to determine if it is authentic or note.Duveen pp.1-2: “The curious engravings are interesting examples of symbolic illustration.” Ferguson I, pp.2-3 (the Young Collection had only the second edition of 1760 but states the plates are far better int he first). Caillet pp.31-32. Ritman Library, The Silent Language, 49. Verginelli 1. Ouvaroff had only the second edition. Not in Dorbon or Jouin & Descreux; not in de Guatita or Manly Hall collections.

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