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This is what happens when Google indexes your page 600 times in two days. Maybe my best search hit yet, and what’s more, the results page for “Gnosticism+light+container+body+darkness+gather” leads to some classic internet nonsense. Like my page, right there between Jung and Mormon Monkeys. And who could argue with Vineyard - New Wineskins Effeminate Worship? Who could understand it? But hey, organized religion only has itself to blame as seekers turn elsewhere.
Which brings me to that predatory priest problem. I actually heard a Catholic apologist use the term “wounded healer”, so you know they’re on the defensive. It’s true though: the Church is pretty much blind to the lessons of shamanism, or at least it’s not willing to admit to any parallels with “primitive religion”. Our priests are supposed to be superheros, not sufferers. Another Cardinal, insisting on the necessity of celibacy, said it was “God’s gift to the Church”, but it seems more like the tax exacted for being a little too close to God. It’s a funny idea for a species reliant on sexual reproduction, but it keeps coming up. Every culture seems to think someone should be celibate. Not you or me, of course, but someone...
Anyway, we can’t let them blame the whole thing on celibacy, or homosexuality as a vector of evil, so I’ve got a modest proposal. Allow the gay priests. Encourage it. Require it. Think of it as a shamanic ritual enforcing the distance between clerical and lay culture. They already comprise a special sexual class, this way is just more honest; the priests admit to their sin, instead of pretending to be above it all. And after vespers they can all get together and, you know, forgive each other. If it’s all out in the open there’ll be fewer problems. People will respect the Church for this sort of genuine reform. And they’ll keep a eye on their children.

- alex 5-07-2002 3:33 am [link] [2 comments]