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I'm finally getting a respite from nuisance calls. Not a one in the last few days. If you use an old fashioned phone they're worse than spam, at least if you retain that archaic reflex to actually answer the phone. I think they're on some automated cycle that dares you to give up before they do. It wasn't so much the one for someone with a name similar (but not identical) to mine, but for the last month I was getting, twice a day, a prerecorded call of such low quality that I could never quite make out what it was about, but which was notable for its sheer chutzpa, as expressed in the closing admonition: "even if you don't want to talk to us, please give us a call just to let us know." Uh, yeah, right…
By the way, I'm now getting spam in my dmtree mailbox, which never used to happen…

- alex 10-16-2002 12:12 am [link] [add a comment]