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Yesterday I sat around waiting for the phone company to send a repairman, and looks like tomorrow I'll be doing it again. Yesterday they restored the dial tone, but there's still a loud hum on the line. This happens on the average of once every 3 months. The phone poles behind my apt. are old and decrepit and whenever it snows (or the sun shines too hard) my phone goes out. They never really fix the problem. The repairman does some kind of patch and then the phone's OK for a while, then the cycle starts again. I'm supposed to sit and wait from 8 am to 7pm and if they don't show up (which they often don't) I go through the whole thing on another day. According to one of the repairmen, the company had several million marked for infrastructure repair and it all went to CEOs in the last merger. I totally believe it. Anyway, the company's name is VERIZON (stupid name--like a ten year old's idea of clever: "vertical + horizon"? gimme a break) and they SUCK.
- tom moody 12-18-2002 9:35 pm [link] [10 comments]