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This could have been added to the 1000 monkeys thread, but I thought an old friend deserves her own post. While flipping channels, I ran into Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, who I remember from junior high school. She's now one of the top researchers in parapsychology, which she was defending on Closer to Truth. This shows up on channel 25, which has the PBS stuff that channel 13 turns its nose up at. The show was quite balanced and reasonable, which I suppose translates as too boring for the masses. Then again, rational parapsychology, which mostly rests on tiny statistical deviations, may be a tough sell. Marilyn's best finding to date involved doing double blind experiments alongside a skeptical colleague. She got her usual good results, but he got nothing, proving that the mindset of the scientist (in magic we call that the "operator") affects the result of the experiment. This could cause problems down the road…
- alex 12-30-2002 9:16 pm [link] [add a comment]