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happen to be at warby parker last week and they had a bowl of cardboard eclipse glasses for free on the counter. i did not even know an eclipse was due and i sure didnt think i cared but i grabbed two pairs because they were there and they were free. actually thought i might give them to a neighbor with kids but then i didnt. 

so beautiful cloudless day today with post morning rituals giving me a glimmer of hope that today will be different from every other day and with a desperate need to get outside i may have to wander over to the park ive avoided most of the winter and find a spot to look at the sun disappear for 30 seconds. i wonder if this will be the most action the park has seen since native americans allegedly sold manhattan to the dutch near Shorakkopoch Rock.

- dave 4-08-2024 10:51 am [link] [15 comments]