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I managed to find these two missing replys to daves post. They disappear when I post them but return when I add a comment. they all run into the original post/comment making it resembling one large post (does that make sence ?)
Let's see if they show up on the Treehouse page.....
[add a comment] Surfing with the cookie warning IS slow but very interesting. I finally turned off the warning and just told it not to accept
any cookies. I have to enable the cookies in order to have access to the red updates and post/comment privilages at this site.
So are Bush, Chaney and Ashcroft taking any cues from Powell restraint wise?
posted by steve 9-20-2001 3:14 pm [add a comment] [edit] Hmmmmm. Posted a comment and it disappeared.
I just said that surfing with the cookie warning is interesting. So slow though that I just set mine not to accept any cookies. (I have to change that when visiting this
And I asked if Bush, Chaney and Ashcroft are taking any cues from Powell? I agree, his stock has risin (with me anyway) But has it with W? I hope so.
posted by steve 9-20-2001 3:19 pm [add a comment] [edit]
- steve 9-20-2001 8:22 pm [link] [5 comments]