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RIP Jerry Lewis ded @ 91 - PLease come back Drat! I'm not in charge of pop culture over here.

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massive bunker schools of fire island 

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This weekend, Tanglewood Music Center in Massachusetts is featuring concerts of the music of French composer Olivier Messiaen and bird walks. Classical music critic Jeremy Eichler says Messiaen's love and study of birds is unmatched, but he's one of many composers who have made music out of birdsong over the centuries.

Eichler (@Jeremy_Eichler) joins Here & Now's Robin Young to take a listen to some examples.



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The Bessie White was a Canadian coal schooner that went aground on Fire Island, about a mile west of Smith's Point. Conflicting historical records date the wreck to either 1919 or 1922.

On February 6 at approximately 4:30 a.m. heavy fog caused the Bessie White to run aground and the vessel quickly filled with water. The crew waited in the dark fog for day break when they launched two boats and escaped to shore. One boat overturned, injuring one crew member who was brought to shore and treated by the Coast Guard. All of the crew survived but the Bessie White and its cargo of coal was a complete loss.


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"A bite here, a bite there, and soon the entire city is devoured. Death by a thousand bites."

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Fly Marimekko

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