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if you thought decorated resin cows and donkeys as a civic activity was bad, how about these? (via AFC)
- tom moody 7-13-2007 11:26 pm [link] [1 ref] [4 comments]

roberta smith on rudolph stingel at the Whitney (slide show) (times sign-in)
handsome looking show*--the critic uses the word beautiful 3 or 4 times--a print no-no but OK on audio, I guess

*except I could probably do without the graffiti on tinfoil
- tom moody 6-29-2007 9:01 pm [link] [1 comment]

astro boy

- mark 6-12-2007 11:30 pm [link] [4 comments]

radical chic

- bill 6-03-2007 5:09 pm [link] [5 comments]

Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era”

- bill 5-25-2007 4:16 pm [link] [3 refs] [add a comment]

But after work began last fall on this installation, one of his most ambitious, it became increasingly more complex under Mr. Büchel’s direction; the $160,000 budget doubled; and relations between the artist and the museum degenerated into an angry standoff, according to Joseph C. Thompson, the museum’s director. Now, after months of frustration, the museum has decided to take an extraordinary step: On Saturday it will open the doors to the show anyway, without Mr. Büchel’s permission or cooperation.

- bill 5-22-2007 4:31 pm [link] [5 comments]