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Timothy Comeau's Top Ten art picks for 2004:

1. David Hoffos at TPW in September

2. The Fuck New York video and it's followup

3. Hive party in June at Studio 99

4. Niagara Falls Artist Program at Mercer Union in December

5. Allyson Mitchell's show at Paul Petro in March

6. Fastwurms with Michael Barker at Zsa Zsa at the end of August (the canon blew smoke!)

7. French bookstores in Montreal

8. Diane Landry at YYZ

9. Instant Coffee's make out party in March

10. Realizing that the new OCAD building was great when I wanted to show it off to a visiting friend from out of town.

- sally mckay 12-24-2004 9:03 am [link] [4 refs] [add a comment]