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"An 18th century funeral cortege, filled with guns? Seems like cause for concern.
Is the dreamer the violent one, or is the danger external? Either way, it's bad news"

When I saw this project, made with a 1990 Mac Classic program called Superpaint, I went back to Tom Moody's animation archive to look at these again:



- L.M. 7-07-2008 7:12 am

Nice! As someone who has a reputation as a retro-tech nerd, however, I have to point out the error in the statement "Computers at that time did not have color or even a grayscale."
By 1987, even Macintosh computers had colour. (but most people couldn't afford it!)

- rob (guest) 7-07-2008 3:10 pm

Thanks--as you can see I started working with those 1-bit grid patterns again. I just realized the RGB sliders in MS Paintbrush (monochrome mode) line up as a single vertical cursor and sweep through all the shades one step at a time.

The Legrady images would have been a good addition to the Infinite Fill Show. I like the combination of ambitious and clunky.

- tom moody 7-07-2008 10:59 pm

A link to Tom's more current 1 bit images. I love all that peculiar articulation for shade in those tools. (I have to play with them one of these days, but I'm enjoying what other people can do with them.)
- L.M. 7-07-2008 11:24 pm

Infinite fill time out photo
Infinite Fill 2004 installation view

I finally figured out that there was a search function on the DMT image bank.

Here's a sexy piece from Joe Mckay from the same show:

Joe McKay - Infinite Fill

- L.M. 7-07-2008 11:34 pm

from the private Legrady stash:





Please leave your credit card numbers in the comments below. Thank you.

- L.M. 7-08-2008 1:54 am

Love that black and white stuff. We should do the whole blog without colour for a while.
- sally mckay 7-10-2008 5:24 pm

I did greyscale for a week until artfag released a new issue and it inspired me to sparkly rainbows and unicorns.
- L.M. 7-10-2008 5:28 pm

So instead, lets do porn without for a week.
- L.M. 7-10-2008 5:29 pm

do porn without, do porn within.
- sally mckay 7-10-2008 5:30 pm

meant porn without colour, my keyboard is missing whole words. Needs cleaning.
- L.M. 7-10-2008 5:31 pm

I just realized how disgusting that would read if I was a guy.

At a studio I worked in, a security guard was downloading porn late at night. The woman, who's computer was being used noticed a lot of new strange files, so they set up a web cam sting to catch the guy. And, of course, for months afterwards I tormented her by constantly asking "what's that stuff on your screen?" "why does your keyboard stick?"
- L.M. 7-10-2008 7:17 pm

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