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My working gif for Sheroes #12: Nina Simone: Thursday, July 26th at the Beaver

thanks to VB for the concept ... watch & listen to Nina Simone play Bach.

nina gif




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My working gif for Sheroes #11: Dusty Springfield (Thursday, June 28th at the Beaver)


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Gif constructed from the paintings in Monica Tap's Six Ways from Sunday (made with the artist's permission). Each painting is 60 x 100 inches.

My review of Six Ways from Sunday is now on Art Fag City.
tap gif

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My working gifs for Sheroes # 10: Grace Jones (at the Beaver on Thursday, May 24th, 2012)




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My working GIFs for the upcoming Dolly Parton Sheroes: 11pm, Thursday, April 26th at the Beaver in Toronto

With props to Whattsername778 who made my favourite Jolene cover, even if they did do the White Stripes version with messed up lyrics.

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orion gif

big differ gif

pleiades gif

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My gifs for Sheroes #8 - Marianne Faithful

Marianne Faithful 1

Marianne Faithful 2

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My gif for The Global Junkie Elite at Sheroes #7:Etta James

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gvb antennae

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