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super owl

Superb Owl Sunday 2013 at BoingBoing
Look at this superb owl photograph by Boing Boing reader Erik Veland, shared in the BB Flickr Pool. It's a barking owl, native to Australia.
Do you have photos of a superb owl to share on Superb Owl Sunday 2013? Share them in the comments!

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owl man

My great grandfather saved some baby owls after their mother died. (via SM)
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tino owls

par courtesy de le facteur postal...
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an owl is an owl is an owl by Chris Marker.
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Barred Owl vocalizations:

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Pittman Owl

Illustration by Sarah Pittman.
(via LM)
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loomis owl

Illustration by Andrew Loomis.
(via BoingBoing)
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lujan owl

Illustration by Lucjan Mianowski.
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Owl by Myself

Rachmaninov - piano concerto No.2 (Adagio sostenuto)
via: "Animal Capshunz"
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