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Magda Wojtrya made these fish for the Fish Net project at Harbourfront Centre (go see it!). The captions and photos are hers, reposted with permission from her Flickr page.


Magda Wojtrya: Brook trout, about 14" long, made from fabric and card from housewares packaging. All the eyes are made from silver chocolate wrapping for the sclera and bicycle innertube rubber for the pupils.


Magda Wojtrya: Emerald shiners, made from silver lame and plastic food containers.


Magda Wojtrya: Threespine sticklebacks, about 4" long, made from fabric, plastic food containers, and the spines are made from a fish tin.


Magda Wojtrya: Marc is holding male and female American eels in their silvery migration coats. Made from painted silver lame and the long fins are bicycle innertubes.

- sally mckay 5-09-2008 4:17 pm [link] [1 ref] [6 comments]

Janet Morton - Better Homes and Gardens at the KW/AG, 101 Queen Street North, Kitchener, ON.
May 9 - July 6, 2008

Opening - Friday, May 9, 7-9 p.m.

Cardigan 2004 hand knit (1993) cardigan with giraffe

Work socks for Patsy (the elephant) 2004 four hand knit socks

- L.M. 5-08-2008 11:58 am [link] [8 comments]

posted a Video Supplement (a while ago but I never noticed)

arfagpinky (this animation is totally appropriate, and even if it wasn't, do I care?)

- L.M. 5-08-2008 11:57 am [link] [6 refs] [6 comments]

Libby Hague and Vent du Nord May 1- 31 as part of le Mois de l’art imprimé,
ARPRIM, 372 , Ste-Catherine Ouest, #426 Montreal.
Gallery hours: Tues. - Sat. 9:30 - 5pm

36 items: 6 ft. stalks of corn (woodcut)
100 items: 9 ft. lengths of yellow ribbon (sunshine)
theatre gels (also sunshine)
12 x 4 ft. storm with fields and various buildings ( woodcut panorama)
snowflakes ( innumerable)
storm clouds
1 avalanche for Isabelle (small, private)
3 fans (on)
3 gusts of wind ( invisible)
seeds (cut paper)
diverse furniture items (collection of ARPRIM)
the public ( a curious, random variable)
Tamias minimus, Petromyscus maniculatus, Mus musculus ( almost hidden woodcuts)

- L.M. 5-07-2008 9:21 pm [link] [2 comments]

brain gif
gunsight gif
blake gif

- sally mckay 5-05-2008 8:44 pm [link] [5 comments]

Sunday Devotionals


For the past five decades Jack T Chick has been writing comics about damnation. In
the pocket-sized tracts, people are stabbed, burned alive, and eaten by snakes. There
is cannibalism and human sacrifice. The apocalyptic works are equal parts hate
literature and fire-and-brimstone sermonising, with a tough-guy Christ - "Jesus is not a
weak fairy," he writes - as protagonist. Chick, a fundamentalist Christian and president
of a California-based publishing company, wants his books to scare the hell out of you.
The publishing house that Jack Chick built still exists. (the next question would be why I am so surprised that it does




(Hey Anthony! shout-out.)




And my personal favourite: Are Roman Catholics Christians?


Here's a Chick parody site and there's an on-line Jack Chick Museum.

- L.M. 5-05-2008 2:54 am [link] [5 comments]