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Last month the foundation that owns Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Ennis House in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood announced that it was putting it on the market for $15 million, potentially taking it out of the public realm. According to the Ennis House Foundation, a study it commissioned evaluating potential preservation approaches showed it didn’t have the resources to maintain the house on its own.

According to the foundation, the study confirmed that it “would need to generate significant philanthropy to operate at a sustainable level for future years, given the house’s ongoing repair and restoration needs,” with the foundation concluding that, “despite many conversations with potential funders, we haven’t found the resources required.”

Since the announcement the preservation community has struggled over the strategy, and some have even speculated that the significant work that went into saving it (The Ennis House Foundation, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the LA Conservancy helped fund a $6.5 million restoration of the house beginning in 2005 after it had suffered earthquake and water damage) would go to waste.

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