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carl plansky

I first met Carl over a sales counter at the David Davis’s art supply store then on LaGuardia Place in the early 1970s where he was working. I think he was recharging his batteries after Joan. Carl and I talked freely over that counter, mostly about art materials but sometimes about David Davis’s bad breath from the beans he always ate for lunch or maybe about the hooded figure who worked for David in the basement, who seemed to be able to cross a room from shadow to shadow without moving his feet. But mostly, I listened to the vastness of Carl’s knowledge and experience with oil paint. Old Holland and Blockx were still around and they were the best paints. Carl had a way of revealing his knowledge in such a casual, generous, and totally unpretentious way. He would say, “Well, you could do that, but maybe try this and see if it doesn’t work a little better.” Everything he suggested I did and yes, it did work better.
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