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outside house

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RIP Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup

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nice mismatched set of images of brick bbq pit from mixed construction lot

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Is the profession of architecture corrupt? According to the definition of “institutional corruption” currently in use at the Center for Ethics at Harvard University, yes.

The Center’s new director, renowned attorney Lawrence Lessig, has defined as “corrupt” organizations that have tragic structural flaws that undermine their own purposes for being. He has recently re-focused the Center’s resources on studying these ineffectual institutions and their corrosive effects.

Now, apply this descriptive framework to the architectural profession. Its purpose for being is to create architecture — that is, to make art out of the science of building. The purpose of this art, if there is one, is often debated but most agree it should engage, if not uplift, the individual mind and body as well as human culture as a whole. What kinds of structural features might be holding back the profession from consistently achieving these results?

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watched on hulu: polanski's 1966 cul-de-sac

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welded shaker look

via adman
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La Trufa (truffle) is a small holiday house in the north of Spain, designed by Ensamble Studio

via justin
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devo obsesso mucho

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welded rebar furniture of cuba

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dull tool dim bulb

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giacometti bronze andirons / 1985 rockefeller copies / 1936 originals 385k

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cheep bronze copy statues suitable for the garden

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If Frost and Steketee have difficulty constructing a coherent new vision of compulsive hoarding, it is because they are too observant and too dedicated to the relief of suffering to make a complex phenomenon simple. They are collectors in their own right, stocking a cabinet of curiosities with intimate stories and evocative theories. To those who need to understand hoarders, perhaps in their own family, “Stuff” offers perspective. For general readers, it is likely to provide useful stimulus for examining how we form and justify our own attachments to objects.

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giant german barrels

large (5' x 5') barrel

kentucky barrels

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brass garden taps

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DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! Posters From The 1968 Paris Uprising

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'The men are holding back, the men are cowards . . . we will take over'

On 5 October 1789 thousands of Parisian women tramped twelve miles to Versailles to bring the king back to the capital. This event radicalised the French Revolution.

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bastille model

pf palloy and reliques patriotiques

model of the bastille carved from an original stone building block

reflections on violence and the crowd in the images of the french revolution

re purposed stone block from the bastille

more stone remnants

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rip dugout dick

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Infomab10 is a pavilion designed and built in record time and within record budget. It consists of an off-the-shelf 28m3 glass-fiber reinforced polyester water tank that was intervened. 100 circular perforations allow speckles of natural light to flood the space during the day, whereas during the night they project the internal light towards the outside like a constellation. Two doors allow circulation through the space.

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pitchers from milk bottles

instructions for making glasses from wine bottles

bottle cutters

great resource rim smothing and more

bonus link: the secret behind stretchy bottles

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pool fountain / pool pumps and filters

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dover parksburgh oval tub and pales

achla round tub

behrens galvanized steel washtub

sourcing a square square ash tub in pa

american farmland galvanized oval cattle tank 44-425 gal / round 165, 390, 706 gal TSC

and more at stockyard supply 10' x 2' Round Tank 1117 Gal 213 lbs 348.00

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