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$299 portable outdoor pizza oven. Pretty interesting. Reviews say temps over 900 degrees no problem. And heats up fast. I'm thinking this would be perfect way to sear steaks when they come out of the sous vide, which is a summer time staple for us in CT. My current method (have I described this before?) modified from an Alton Brown idea, is to fill a BBQ chimney up with hardwood charcoal, let it get super hot, and then just place the whole thing down on top of my steaks resting in a cast iron pan (so the steaks are in the small bottom cavity of the chimney where the paper goes when you start it). Super hot coals are right on top of the steaks. Does a pretty good job but a) no way is it 900 degrees, and b) you get ash falling onto the steaks, and c) you can only do 2 smallish steaks at a time. The Uuni might be better. And I could make pizzas too.

- jim 11-03-2014 2:54 pm [link] [3 comments]