Medallions of fine dining
6 months into a delicious new year, our critic reviews his top tastes

By Jerry Shriver, USA TODAY

Francis Mallmann 1884 Restaurante, Mendoza, Argentina (1188 Belgrano; 011-54-261-424-3336). Argentine chef Francis Mallmann is one of South America's stars, thanks to his sophisticated renderings of regional produce at his restaurants in Buenos Aires, Uruguay and here in the heart of the Mendoza wine country. He seems completely at home at this spacious, Colonial-style outpost, where my dinner highlights included flatbread topped with bresaola, dried tomatoes, goat cheese and fresh figs; roasted lamb with pureed potatoes; and perfectly simple chocolate mousse.

????guess i will see????
- Skinny 11-16-2001 3:27 pm

we had a fine thanksgiving cellar bration, one Torrontes wine from a 7000ft high vinyard was worth the effort, a purrfect rissotto of squash, zucchini, nutmeg, allmonds was top notch, other food ok, but at the end they served us a limoncella from a local mountain farm that serves its own farmed fish, it was the best yet (love that stuff), we are off to find it (Hosteria El Cortijo del Torreon) for lunch!!!
- wheel (guest) 11-23-2001 3:04 pm [add a comment]

  • "Hosteria El Cortijo del Torreon" El Salto, Potrerillos---they make thier own yummy licqours, jams, veggie pate, other can goods, ice cream, herbs/veggies etc...we had some mountain muchrooms with sage flowers, veggie spreads and bread, trout with onion flowers, ice cream...and bought 3 different licqours

    - Skinny 11-24-2001 3:22 pm [add a comment]

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