Flawless (KETO) Ribeye

- Skinny 4-19-2020 2:22 pm

Ok...sorry, but once and for all...what does KETO refer to..?
Thank you ..
- anonymous (guest) 4-19-2020 7:04 pm [add a comment]

  • its a diet thing. you wouldnt understand.

    - dave 4-19-2020 8:21 pm [add a comment]

Eat lots of fat, super low carbs, meat is OK if balanced with fat, so eggs, avocado, fatty meat not lean, salmon, etc.....


- Skinny 4-20-2020 9:41 am [add a comment]

Took a stab at it, 2nd rate on the Black Gold part, but a start....


- Skinny 4-21-2020 11:42 pm [add a comment]

Good enuf


- Skinny 4-21-2020 11:53 pm [add a comment]

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