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should also be very good!!

LOCANDA VERDE What was briefly Ago will open on May 19 with Andrew Carmellini, formerly of A Voce, in the kitchen and Josh Pickard, late of Lever House, managing the dining room. Karen DeMasco is the pastry chef. Mr. Carmellini, a partner with Mr. Pickard and Ken Friedman (Spotted Pig, John Dory), has said he wants a neighborhood Italian restaurant. Robert De Niro is one of the neighbors, and an owner of the Greenwich Hotel, which houses the restaurant and is one of its owners. 379 Greenwich Street (North Moore Street), (212) 925-3797.

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A New Chapter for Sam Mason's Tailor: Chapter 11:<(((( bummer
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finally open and i am

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one of my close pals sent me this

Had dinner last night at Da Silvano - because Bar Pitti was packed - and ordered an appetizer that I was really looking forward to, fried zucchini flowers. They were not good. Mostly batter with something unidentifiable inside, no flavor, and only four of them for $14.50. Of course they were so disappointing that you wouldn't have wanted more on the plate. It was kind of shocking. I thought that when the waiter came back and asked how everything was I would tell him that the dish was really bad, but he never came to the table and asked. A different server came and took the plates away. I make zucchini flowers at home and believe me, mine would blow away Da Silvanos's sorry, doughy disasters.

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