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Tom Moody - Animation Log

A record of animation projects that have appeared in my weblog or elsewhere: found and/or html-altered image files, "remixes," kids' art, and my own GIFs and videos. An archive of these posts is here. Enlargeable thumbnails of "raw materials" and additional work are here. Note: older Safari browsers may load multiple identical animated GIFs out of sync, which sucks.

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Thor Johnson OptiDisc Mashup

mashup (by Thor Johnson) of stills from 2 recent animated GIFs

Just saw the DVD (mpeg2) prototype of this GIF and am pleased by how it came out--very minimal, clean and dumb. On a 20 inch Sony screen, it's everything I wish TV was. No Bill O'Reilly, no Tim Russert, just a cheap but elegant hypnodisc. It loops 10 6 times, stops for a beat with the black oval hovering at the outer edge of the disc, then 10 6 more repetitions, ad infinitum. The pause is while the loop resets, but the friend who is generously helping me with the video added a frame so the hiccup looks intentional. I think it works--adds rhythmic content I didn't consider.

- tom moody 11-08-2005 11:26 pm [link] [2 comments]