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2008February10th43571Newer Animations at tommoody.us
2007July22nd41650Rotating GIFs
41649Layered Molecule
41648GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 9)
41647Blur-Ball, Pulse Stack
41646Found Swirl GIF Grid
41644Found Handgun Diagram
41643Blob - Animation of Found Stills
41642Orbit GIF
41641Pulse 5 (Stack)
416403 GIFs by Unknown Artists
41639Crawling, Creeping
41638Extensible Cluster - Sketchy Version
41637Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 1
41636Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 2
41635Marisa Olson reBlogged from Nasty Nets 3
41634Fat Target (Animated GIF)
41633Pearl GIF Grid
41632GIF Grid by Eyekhan
May30th40990Digital Pog (Motivator) Grid
40989Charles Westerman GIF Remixes
40988GIF Artist Unknown (GIF X 4)
40987Gradient Squares 3
40986Exercise Molecules
40985Eyekhan GIF Grid - Waves
40984Circle Gradient 3
40983Monochrome Gradient (Animation 2)
40982Monochrome Gradient (Animation 1)
40981Light Bar Column
40980Green Line Pulse Column
40978Flash Face (Animated)
40977Rube Goldberg Baby - Artist Unknown
40976Pool GIF X 6
40975Video - Art for All
40974Eyekhan - Extensible Cluster Remix (Negative)
409732 Animated GIFs by eyekhan
40972Petra Cortright Selected System Landscapes 2
40971Petra Cortright - Selected System Landscapes
40970Sorting Is the New Breakdance
40969Generation - Artist Unknown
40968Hey Look At Me
40967Central Limit Theorem With Slight Head Start
40966Mosaic GIF - Artist Unknown - 15 Times
40965Bubble GIF - Artist Unknown - 9 Times
March17th39831Extensible Cluster - Colors - 25 Times
15th39787Gymnast GIF via 4Chan
39786Hypercube - Artist Unknown
39785Planetesimals (Captures from Video)
39784Rarr - Artist Unknown
39783Kasey Kite 3 Boxes GIF X 4
39782Extensible Cluster
39781More eyekhan vs moody - extensible cluster
39780Extensible Cluster - Large
39779Currency Logo from Neil's MySpace Page
39778Big Rock Grid--The Movie
39777Big Rock Grid
39776Mood Ring - GIFs and HTML
10th39725Untitled (Chris Ashley) - GIF Grid
39724Gary Hill Tribute
39723Sparkling Columns
39722Unknown Artist's Scooter Cat Plugs TYITI2006
39721Sine GIF - Artist Unknown
39720Perpetual Motion Graphic
39719My YouTube Drawing Demo
39718The Year in the Internet 2006 - Cats
39717Spiral - Artist Unknown - Variations by Others
39716Spiral - Artist Unknown - GIF enlarged X 10
39715Cats Stomping Bug - Artist Unknown - WAQS
3971493 kilobytes of RAM
39713Ally3 - GIF Artist Unknown - Enlarged 4 Times
39712Digital Pogs
2006November17th38411Motivator 2
384102 Small OptiDiscs
October19th38112Eye Reflection GIF (Artist Unknown) Remixed
August28th37556Interdimensional Space Rock
20th37411Vortex 1 and 2 Animations
37409L.M. Cow Gif Four Times
37408Op Wheel
37407Blue and Gray Diptych
37406Infinite Fill Fight - Artist Unknown
37405Gro-Rabbit GIF - Artist Unknown
37404Spinning Ovoids (Artist Unknown) 9 Times
37403Steamloller - Artist Unknown
37402RGB GIF (Artist Unknown) 35 Times
37401Animated GIF Assortment - Artists Unknown
37400Pink and Green GIF (Artist Unknown) 4 Times
37399OMGWTFBBQ - Artist Unknown
37398Animated GIFs: Schools of Influence 1
37397Children of DOS - Artist Unknown
37396Atomic Skull - Artist Unknown
37395Various Found GIFs
July19th36959OptiDisc Performance GIF
36958Timelapse Molecule 2
May28th36307fUSION Anomaly GIF Bigger Cropped Sped Up
36306Another fUSION Anomaly GIF - 8 Times
36305fUSION Anomaly GIF 144 Times
36304My Show at artMovingProjects
20th36215Aron Namenwirth Painting Animated
April29th35965Grid of Targets - Target Artist Unknown
35964Stacked Pulses
35963Ninja Elements and Explanation
35962Go For It, Artist Unkn., Scaled Up, 16 Colors
19th35809Sensor Readings (Music Video)
35808Collaboration with John Parker: Videos
4th35603Chameleon Monkey (Artist Unknown)
March31st35570John Parker Bathtub Sticker Piece Animated
27th35515Bathtub Stickers 3 (X 4)
35514Bathtub Stickers 4 (X 4)
35513Bathtub Stickers 3 - Fast, 24 Frames
35512Bathtub Stickers 3 - 22 Frames
24th35488Bathtub Stickers 2
22nd35474Bathub Sticker Animated GIF - In Process
19th35441Animation of John Parker Flat Work 5
35438Animation of John Parker Flat Work 4
17th35412Animation of John Parker Flat Work 3
16th35394Animation of John Parker Flat Work 2
35393My Animated GIF: Flipping
35388Animation of John Parker Flat Work 1
February17th35118End Notes - .mov file of Video Piece
January27th34839Remixed Toroids
12th34597Smoking Skull (Just Say No)
2005December9th34151and-or gallery Animation of Work in Process 2
7th34134and-or gallery - Animation of Work in Process
November8th33740OptiDisc Converted to mpeg2 for DVD
33739OptiDisc Sketchbook
September28th33244Blinking Light Grid 2
24th33189Blinking GIF Grid
19th32356Wormy Animation - Actual Size with Frames
12th32264Wormy Animation - Enlarged
May2nd31849Lucas Samaras - Hands - Animated GIF
February24th31158GIF from castlezzt.net X 18
1st30897Barium Titanate Animated
January13th30678Big Bit Vortex vs. jimpunk (Hollywood Version)
7th30599Two Videos (Quicktime)
2004December22nd30383Tag Three Times
November27th30033Time Lapse Molecule b 2a 66 frames
26th30016Time Lapse Molecule b 2a
20th29971Time Lapse Molecule
14th29898Notes on My Video: Dancin' (Please Register)
11th29855Centrifuge (Side View) - Petite Version
October7th29375Centrifuge (Side View)
September17th29121Portrait Drawing Animation
August30th28924Double Centrifuge
26th28866Abstraction with Spinning Atoms
28865DeviantArt .GIF Assortment: gas, ryan-gfx etc
July20th28378Spider Man vs Dr. Octopus - Closureless
12th28284Spider Man vs Doctor Octopus
June25th28064jimpunk paramount spinning atom
28062The End (With Still From jimpunk .GIF)
9th27866Fighting .GIF
4th27809Remix of jimpunk Atom Gif Remix etc
1st27753Atom GIF 9 Times - Asynchronous
27749Atom GIF 16 Times
May29th27705Atom GIF
27th27683Animated Henry Moore-like Blob (In Progress)
19th27520Cowboy Bebop - Refrigerator Monster
5th27270Wayward Knob x 28
27253Wayward Knob
April17th26948Digital Nendo - GIF Detail (Op Patterns)
8th26813AbEx Wall Projection - Party at Bill Gates'
4th26752Cowboy Bebop - Ein Chewing Shrooms
March31st26689JASC Animation Test
26th26615Ein and Cow (Cowboy Bebop)
17th26450Seed Pod (Blinking)
26449Sphere Gate Half-Size X 4
26447Seed Pod Half Size X 6
12th26389Cowboy Bebop Airlock
9th26357Sphere Gate
February25th26095From 544 x 378 (Web TV) - Dancing Duck
26087Gustin Hoffman
22nd26020Double Atom (I Forget Where This .GIF Came From)
10th25837Infinite Phil (Spin)
25834Dragan, Olia Lialina - Home Hiphop
25832Dragan: Interlace - The Movie
6th25673Great Teacher Onizuka
January31st25555Demon Blob - No Background
30th25533Demon Blob
29th25531Patlabor - Tokyo Bay
25528Circling 3 - grid
25522Circling 3
28th25500Scratching Simulation
22nd25401Circling 2 (Animated .GIF and HTML)
25400My Drawings Based on Blade 2
25399Rebecca Allen, Kraftwerk, Musique Non-Stop
25398Circling (Animated .GIF and HTML)
25397Patlabor Animated GIF
25396Sphere-O-Rama Animated .GIF
25394Sphere Cursor (Animated .GIF) brighter
25393Double Molecule (Animated .GIF) 2
25392Double Molecule (Animated .GIF)
25391Sphere Cursor (Animated .GIF)
25390Artech - Enlarged
25389Krystal Ishida - Lugia - Larger
25388Static GIF
25387DBZ Brain Monster Enlarged
25386Pixelthork Pixel Monster - Faier
25385Animated GIF Assortment
25384Lugia Flies High by Krystal Ishida, 70 times
25383Hug Emoticon Pyramid
25382Cube tower slideup by artech-x03, 80 times