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Tom Moody - Animation Log

A record of animation projects that have appeared in my weblog or elsewhere: found and/or html-altered image files, "remixes," kids' art, and my own GIFs and videos. An archive of these posts is here. Enlargeable thumbnails of "raw materials" and additional work are here. Note: older Safari browsers may load multiple identical animated GIFs out of sync, which sucks.

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Sensor Readings on TV Monitor

Sensor Readings Screenshot 2

"Sensor Readings" [25 MB Quicktime .mov]

Tuvok reprograms the Lateral Sensor Array to play drum & bass from his homeworld. Or whatever. I'm actually not that big a Trek nerd (just the Borg episodes and, um, TOS), so, what does that make this, an ironic fan mashup? When it's all said and done this works better on a TV monitor than as a Quicktime. Kind of restoring it to its original home, several steps displaced.

- tom moody 4-19-2006 7:10 pm [link] [add a comment]